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Casualty Claims Adjusters

Casualty insurance is a general term for many different types of insurance coverage. Fort Orange Claim Service, through its 11 locations, offers independent adjuster service for every kind of insurance under this broad umbrella of loss protection. 

If you look for independent insurance adjusters near me, here in upstate New York, one of our locations is near you. We have developed convenient locations creating our own network of what one might call frontier adjusters who are here to serve you. 

To find us even more quickly, simply enter a computer search like, Fort Orange independent insurance adjusters near me, to find us. Our network of frontier adjusters will be delighted to serve your insurance claims. 

Look over the list of casualty insurance claims we service below. Each type of claim is listed and explained for your convenience. 

We service each of them. Note, these are general explanations of insurance types. Definitions and coverage may differ per the companies offering the insurance product. 

Automobile Liability

Too many people are confused about this coverage. It is important to understand this coverage offers personal protection against third party losses. 

By third party, we mean the other person’s losses. It does not include property owned by the owner of the policy who is normally the driver of the vehicle. 

Adding to the confusion about this coverage is the fact that its protection is two-fold. Automobile liability covers both, property damage and bodily injury. 

This means the policy protects the owner of the coverage for any damage to other people’s property caused by his accident. It also includes any injuries to others the policy owner may cause. 

General Liability

This protection covers businesses. The protection includes injuries which happen on the business premises. It also protects against personal property damage caused by either the business operation or the product it produces.

Both personal and bodily injury coverage are components of this coverage. Fort Orange Claims Service has handled general liability claims for many years. 

Products Liability

This is again a business protection. It extends coverage to damages arising out of the use of products the company either makes itself or sells through other vendors. 

These damages cover personal injury and property damage. This coverage also pays company court costs and legal fees. 

Liquor Liability

As its name implies, this insurance provides insurance protection from personal injury and property damages directly caused by excessive alcohol consumption. 

Its protection is not to the person overly imbibing. It covers the liquor store, restaurant or bar who sold the person the alcohol. 

The coverage pays the injured person or the property owner whose property received the damage through the actions of the intoxicated person. 

Professional Liability

This coverage also has another name. Some insurers call it errors and omissions liability. Another name for it is professional indemnity insurance. 

It is more specifically defined as any mistake or failure to act while performing one’s professional duties. This coverage protects any person offering professional services to the general public. 

Attorneys, accountants, real estate brokers and even some types of consultants purchase such protection. Again, we here at Fort Orange service these client claims as well. 

Cargo Loss Insurance

The type of coverage is made obvious by its name, but needs some clarification. Its other commonly used name is freight insurance.

Cargo loss or freight insurance protects against damage or loss to anything shipped. It covers every means of shipping the cargo, land, sea or air, as well as the causes of the damage or loss. 

It pays the customer for the company negligence which caused the loss or damages. The coverage also pays regardless of the specific, actual cause of the damage. Import and export businesses, any other business dependent upon shipping, and the consuming public purchase this protection. 

Trial Preparation Medical

This insurance is part of some health plan coverage. It pays care costs for those who are participants in the actual clinical trial. 

These clinical trials are for medical research, and they must be duly authorized by a medical authority or specialist in a particular field. 

The insurance protection is for the subjects or trial participants. It covers any serious, negative health events incurred by that person’s participation in the trial study. It also may extend to pay for any subsequent personal health issues caused by such studies. 


As you can see, we offer a full slate of casualty claims services. We are prepared to give our years of professional experience and attention to your casualty insurance claim wherever you are here in the upstate.

Casualty Claims Adjusters


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