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Fort Orange Claim Service, Inc. provides Insurance Umpire Services, offering a full suite of insurance umpire and appraisal services to assist with resolving disputed claim settlements as well as certified appraisals.

Umpire Services:

Independent Appraisal for Insurance Appraisal Clause

The purpose of the appraisal clause is typically to avoid court settlements It is basically an arbitration process usually found in the Conditions section of the policy. The arbitration process allows the resolution of the dispute without involving courts and attorneys.

Courts and attorneys are far more expensive and time consuming when compared to insurance umpire cost. Often, a court settlement can be less than the proposed insurance company settlement. Both parties to the dispute may be disappointed. 

An independent appraisal of the appraisal clause in the contract may be needed. It is the guide an insurance claims appraiser uses. The appraisal evaluates the details of the appraisal clause and whether they are met. 

This evaluation reveals the strengths and weaknesses of the appraisal clause. We here at Fort Orange have reviewed hundreds of these over the years. 

Independent Appraisers

The value to the customer that an independent appraiser offers cannot be measured. The client hires us, and we work for the client, not the insurance company. 

Having an experienced professional review what a client thinks is an insufficient offer gives our client reassurance. It bolsters our client’s position and encourages them

Our team of independent appraisers has assessed insurance settlement offers since 1980. That’s almost 40 years. We keep abreast of the changes and new insurance industry legislation to make sure we provide first rate, current independent appraisals. 

Insurance Claim Dispute

Insurance claim disputes boil down to the policyholder not getting what he thought he had bought. The insurance company knows it is legally required to pay the loss by the terms of the condition(s) clauses. However, the insurance company cannot be in the personal emotion business. 

Disputes of any kind are unpleasant. The policy owner who has a disputed insurance claim is doubly frustrated. First, he suffers damage or loss. The client remembers he has insurance to at least cover him financially. 

Then, he is hit for a second time when he sees the offered settlement is woefully inadequate. Thirdly, he remembers all those premiums he has paid over the years. By now, he is angry and needs help. We are here to give that help. 

Insurance Claim Estimate

An insurance claim estimate must be a reasonable expense summary for loss and/or repair. Scroll down to find the business definition here: The problem arises when owners value losses much more than the current, real value is. 

Insurance companies are generally not required to repair or replace with more value than the value of the loss. New replacement clauses are available, but they are not cheap. 

They are required to make whole. That is not the same as make new. Therein is the issue, the dispute. The insurance customer expects to be made new but the insurer’s responsibility is to restore to prior level before the loss. 

Insurance Appraisal and Estimating Assistance

Consequently, a third party who does not have emotional involvement nor attachment is the one called upon to bring some levity to the situation. This is the role insurance appraisal and estimating assistance plays. 

We here at Fort Orange offer the besieged client a third party insurance appraisal. We review the appraisal and offer experienced estimating assistance. 

Remember, the insurance company does the appraisal. Logically, the insurer’s interests are represented, not necessarily the policy holder’s. 

We offer estimating assistance, and this assistance helps evaluate the insurance company’s appraisal. We review details like the owner’s documented, established worth prior to a loss. Our computer software aids greatly with such efforts. 

Claim Consultation

Claim consultation is a smart idea. It is simply the process of evaluating a claim settlement. Clients should know they are getting all that is due them, that they are being treated fairly. 

Insurers are notorious for offering low estimates relying on the client’s desire for a quick resolution. Our claim consultation keeps the client in mind. 

We are adept at detail inspections of claim settlement offers, and work to get all the client has paid for and is due.

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