Claim Administration Services

Claim Administration  Services
Claim Administration Services

Claim Administration Services

Fort Orange Claims Services, Inc is an independent claim administration corporation here in New York. We have been in business for over 20 years. We have multiple office locations to serve you across northern New York. Choose your location on our website

We process insurance claims. This process includes reporting the claims to the insurance carriers, managing and defending these claims, and guiding the final settlements between claimant and the insurance company. We then verify and document the final payments for both parties. 

As a claim administration corporation, we establish parameters by which the settlement process may proceed and final, mutually agreed upon payment made to claimants. We are a third party who specialize in claims administration. 

Our claims administration activities involve various types of health and life insurance plans, retirement and flexible spending accounts. CAS offers consolidated admin services for the insurance industry. 

The Advantages of Our Service

We save company human resource department time. HR departments have their hands full just managing employee searches, recruitment, hiring, orientation and training. 

For them, there is precious little time to spend researching insurance companies and then putting together the best possible needs packages for their employees. 

Fort Orange Claims Services lifts this burden and frees up human resources to focus on their primary duties and functions. We do the sourcing, assimilation of the best insurance plans and present them to the companies who hire us. 

We offer consolidated admin services for all company insurance needs including health, welfare, worker’s compensation and retirement packages. 

Our work and efforts help the company cover its insurance responsibilities to its employees in a much quicker, more streamline fashion. We make insurance management more accessible and responsive to those making a claim through interactive, current, relevant insurance information. 

Types of Claim Related Services We Offer

Claim Educational Service

We lead the claimants through the claim process. This saves time, confusion and client frustration for those who are already experiencing hardship the claim created. Prompt filing keeps the process on track, and we keep both parties informed during the process. 

Temporary Claim Personnel

In the frantic pace of running a business, it is increasingly difficult for businesses to find, hire and keep sufficient employees to fully man their businesses. 

Consequently, they turn to employment agencies to supplement company rosters. 
These temporary hires present another human resource burden with a whole different set of issues including management and potential legal issues. 

Here again, CAS comes to the rescue. We have temporary claim personnel on hand to administratively handle these temporary personnel and their situations. 

Claim Auditing

Over the last 20 years, claim errors have cost billions of dollars. We here at CAS can perform claim audits. These audits examine claims records and case files to insure the claim gets handled accurately. 

Audits review case details which gauge how efficiently the adjuster settled the claim. Insurance companies love knowing this process is in place to curtail money spent on claim errors. 

Catastrophe Teams

Large loss events also have multiple large loss claims. Usually, these claims get filed all at once. Processing catastrophic losses with many large claims can overwhelm an insurance company. 

CAS catastrophe teams go in and work these multiple claims until every claimant gets served. This removes a huge burden for these companies. 

Self-insured Municipalities

A self-insured municipality is an insurance plan that is not a federal plan. These include plans offered by states, counties within states, school systems, cities and towns. 

This plan accepts the responsibility of insuring its members by self-funding, purchasing a fully insured group product, or a combination of both. These have different regulations than regular insurance companies or even private employer health plans. 

Their regulations are enforced by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), and they have the authority to review and assess monetary penalties for failure to comply with the PHS Act requirements. CAS has the staff expertise to manage every aspect of these self-insured plans. 

Re-inspection Programs

Re-inspection programs permit an additional property inspection as follow-up to the original inspection in damaged property claims. These re-inspections are how the insurance companies assure claimants that the assessment is sufficient to rebuild a structure, labor and materials included. 

Re-inspection programs also build client confidence. They reassure the companies we work for of accurate claim payouts. According to Claims and Litigation Management magazine, for the year 2009-2010, 92 percent of re-inspected claims were adjusted .

As you can see, Fort Orange Claims Services offers every claim service your business will ever need. 


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Phone: 518-383-2102Fax: 888-667-7292

12 locations throughout North East

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